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Yoga Teacher Training in India: Frequently Asked Questions

When a western student travels for yoga teacher training In India, it is always advised to know about the credentials of the yoga school before joining. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is one the most rewarding experience in the life of yoga practitioner who is looking is to gain the strong foundation in the philosophy, practices and applications of yoga. We are happy to answer few of the frequently asked questions regarding residential hatha yoga teacher training of Ojashvi Yoga School in Rishikesh, India.


What is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school? Is your school registered with Yoga Alliance USA?
A yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance USA is called as RYS which maintains the credentials or yoga teacher training standards par excellence with of international level.

Yes, Ojashvi Yoga Shala is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance USA. It conducts the programmes of RYS200, RYS300 and RYS500

What is Ojashvi yoga teacher training certification?
The certification of Ojashvi School training programs are recognised with Yoga Allaince USA.

Will my certificate enable me to teach internationally?
Yes, this certification enable the teachers to teach internationally anywhere in world.

Which style of yoga you teach? What is your tradition?
Hatha yoga style of Ojashvi yoga shala training is synthesis of many approaches to personal development, based on traditional hatha yoga curriculum of yogic teachings in accordance with contemporary physical and mental health disciplines.


How much time I need to spend for the home work during the course?
Around 6 - 8 hours per week . Additional reading and study is always appreciated.

Do we need to attend all the sessions of the training course?
Yes, you are required to attend all the modules of the yoga teacher training programme.

Do I need to attend any exams?
Yes, there will be midterm and final written exam for the course based on theory and practice of the course curriculum.

Do you have any dress code for the yoga school?
Appropriate dress code should be followed during yoga class and modesty be maintained with local culture concerns.

What is the maximum intake of students in each batch of TTC?
The maximum intake of students in one batch is 12. Ojashvi yoga teacher trainings take place in micro groups only.

I did my RYS 200 hours yoga training programme from another school. Can I do my RYS 300 from Ojashvi Yoga Shala?
Yes, you can.

I am very eager to learn the principles and practices of yoga in your school but i am not interested in becoming a yoga teacher. Can I join your course?
Yes, you can join our programmes as they are the best opportunity to find the personal transformation . You will appreciate the benefits of principles and practices of yoga for healthy living and its values for the modern society.

Location and facilities

What is the location of your yoga school?
Ojashvi Yoga Shala is located in Rishikesh, India.

What type of accommodation is provided for the trainees?
Students are accommodated either in exclusive single room or double room for shared accommodations with attached western style bathroom with running cold & hot water.

Is there pure water to drink at your yoga school?
Yes, there is RO system which provides pure drinking water all the time.

What is the general food or diet plan given in the school?
There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner including two times tea in day. The food is vegetarian.

Is there any facility for the use internet at the centre?
Yes! Free of cost internet (Wi Fi) is available at the school for your connectivity and internet usage.

Can I access Ojashvi yoga studio for my practice during the free time in the training course?
Yes! There is unlimited access to the yoga studio during the course for the participants.

Does your yoga teacher training cost include the books and course material?
Yes! We provide the basic texts including the manual and necessary course materials in the course fees. You will get a welcome yoga kit for your necessary needs of the TTC.

Is there any yoga teacher training scholarships in your school?
Yes, one partial yoga scholarship is offered in each batch for deserving practitioner of yoga.

How can I reach Rishikesh from Delhi and how much does it cost?
Delhi to Rishikesh is around is 7 hours journey by road. The nearest railway station is Haridwar located at distance of 25 Km from Rishikesh. A taxi from Delhi airport to school can be available at cost of $90-100.

Can you brief me about the weather of Rishikesh?
According to the seasonal changes the weather in Rishikesh is changing.

Rishikesh presents pleasant climate during many months of the year. Most of the time, the city experiences the festive season, but, the peak winter months like December-January will be very cold and the summers in Rishikesh are relatively mild than the rest of the north India.


What is the basic level of proficiency in yoga to join your training programs?
At least six months of consistent practice yoga and basic foundation of its teachings.

What are the pre-requisites of your TTC registration?
Sound physical and mental health is necessary. An Application along with a non-refundable reservation deposit is essential for the yoga teacher training enrolment or registration. Please visit the Yoga Teacher Training section for details on your relevant TTC either 200 or 300 Hours.

What type of visa I need to get in India?
To visit India, you need a tourist visa.

English is not my first language. Will it be a problem for me?
No problem! But the students must be able to understand the teachings which will be in English. Basic level of proficiency in English reading, writing and speaking is necessary for the teacher training participation.

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