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Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Yoga teacher training curriculum of Ojashvi Yoga Shala is meticulously designed under the able guidance of its board of studies of eminent personalities of the yoga field in the country. The modules of the curriculum of each track of the teacher training program meets the credentials of Yoga Alliance USA including the international teaching standards. The yoga teacher training curriculum is the synthesis of the teachings of the world famous yoga traditions and the classical teachings of hatha yoga with the fusion of contemporary teachings based on the scientific background.

Yoga teaching requires capable yoga teachers and systematic methods for teaching yoga practices. It has been constant endeavor of Ojashvi Yoga School and its teaching team to develop an effective yoga teacher, Ojashvi Yoga Teacher training curriculum provides the skills of teaching which are imparted through proper training, self study and practice of its participants.

As per the international credentials of teaching, registered yoga school, Ojashvi Yoga Shala in its yoga teacher training courses in India imparts the training curriculum on the following areas of yoga.

Yoga Philosophy
Yoga teacher training syllabus focuses on the introduction of Ashtanga Yoga of Sage Maharshi Patanjali and Hatha Yoga. The section of yoga philosophy helps to deepen the ethical preparation of the yoga teacher trainees. Ethics in yogic life is strong foundation for the health and harmony of the society as well as the individual. The right code of conduct and the way of discipline in the daily life of yoga teacher will be the master key for the success in the path of yoga.

Diet and Nutrition
Yoga recommends a person to inculcate the healthy eating habits. Diet plays a prominent role in achieving vibrant health. This section of the curriculum will introduces the concept yogic diet in terms of Ayurveda principles such as Tridosha,Triguna and controlled diet or Mitha Ahara so that they can reach maximum benefits of their yoga practice through the application of the health diet practice.

Asana practical training in yoga is imparted every training day. Disciplining the body is brought about by the regular, uninterrupted and dedicated practice of yoga asanas. The trainees of the yoga teacher training courses are always encouraged to learn the different types of asana both from the perspective to beginners to advanced level yoga poses with respect to their level of yoga teacher training course. Through the course they are being guided to practice and teach the asana safely and effectively under the competent guidance of the Asana teachers of the yoga school.

Students of the course are encouraged to practice different types of pranayama. Regulation of the breath is an important key factor for the development of the concentration of the mind. Students will learn the application Bandhas and Mudras for the successful practice of the pranayama. Pranayama practices are helpful develop the vitality and boosts the mental health.

Cleansing Techniques
Purificatory practices or shatkriyas in yoga are important from the point view of both physical and mental health. Students will learn these techniques and gain the skills to teach the same to their prospective students. These are also useful in the progress of pranyama practices.

In the modern stressful life, meditation is an essential means to develop the inner harmony. Students will learn various meditations techniques such as inner silence, mantra chanting, japa yoga practice, etc. These practices will be helpful for the effective stress management and to enjoy the best possible mental health and harmony in the life. Trainees are also encouraged to practice meditation in their daily life to advance in the yogic life.

Relaxation Practices
To overcome physical and mental fatigue, to refresh and rejuvenate the guidead relaxation techniques are always helpful. Students will be introduced different types of guided relaxation techniques such as yoga nidra, shavasana so that they can learn and teach the same to overcome physical, mental and emotional tensions.

Applications of Yoga
Students are encouraged to observe the impacts of yoga practices on their mind and body. They will be trained to bring these applications in their teaching practices with respect to general and specialized teaching class of different target groups of yoga students such as yoga therapy and yoga for pregnancy.

Business Aspects of Yoga
This section will provide an insight to students to develop yoga as their carrier as yoga teacher. Teachers will guide them to how establish their teaching practice in terms of their won yoga centers and studio.

Teaching Methodology
Yoga teacher training course equally pays its attention to ensure that the trainees of the course are capable to practice yoga practices including the ability to pass the same to their students safely. In this module they will learn the selection of yoga practices and their sequencing. They are also trained in the areas of correcting individual yoga practitioner with the art of adjustments skills. Communication skills and time management and class management are taught to the students so that they can enjoy their teaching of yoga in all its dimensions such as asana, pranayama, guided meditation and relaxation techniques. Apart from that they will learn about the approach to feedback giving and receiving. The practicum section makes the systematic evaluation of the progress of the course participants.
Yoga Training Training Syllabus
Yoga Training Training Syllabus

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