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Yoga Teacher Training - Food and Accommodation


Rishikesh is located in the foot hills of the mighty Himalayan hills in north India . The ancient sages of the country used to spend lots of their time in the practice of yoga and austerities in this small town which is abundant in its spiritual energy.
Rishikesh presents a healthy ecosystem for yoga study and practice. It is the destination in India for teachings of yoga and spirituality. The scenic and inspiring locales add to the beauty of the nature and make it one of the most appealing yoga teacher training destinations in the world. Contemporary amenities with down-to-earth yogic lifestyle make a perfect combination for the students to learn and practice yoga in Rishikesh.
The serenity and the ambience of ashrams is being continued to lead Rishikesh as the World Capital of Yoga due to the exposure to the Yoga study in Rishikesh in different traditions and styles, maintaining the harmony.
Another significant reason for the surge in yoga followers in Rishikesh is the economical learning and yoga training cost. It is easier for a student to afford the low living costs and the total expenses on the residential yoga teacher training course in a picturesque Himalayan location. The overall cost effectiveness and quality training of the program makes the best choice of feasibility for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.
The residential hatha yoga teacher training course of Ojashvi Yoga Shala will be conducted in Swarg Ashram Area (Near Ram Jhula) of Rishikesh.

The trainees of the yoga teacher training course will be provided with three times freshly prepared nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals.
It is our pleasure to share that our people from kitchen are always delighted to prepare delicious food considering the cultural diversity.
With a rich history, the food recipes of our kitchen are prepared in variety keeping the concept of health in mind. The ingredients used in the preparation are fresh and with a balance of nutritional principles.
The service in our restaurant is outstanding in warm, clean and more comfortable ambiance. Our old students reveal that, the Indian food provided a unique experience which they would remember and cherish with a mix of its rich heritage, traditions and culture for long time.
Enjoy Eating!

Yoga Teacher Training Accommodations and Facilities at Ojashvi Yoga Shala Rishikesh

The Ojashvi team always understands that, when a student travels to India for the residential yoga teacher training course they look for a great experience with the facilities provided apart from the quality of the teaching. Good accommodation is one of them. To be able to relax and live in the inner peace and to enjoy the training environment the students are accommodated in the standard rooms which are built in great location of Rishikesh on the river banks of the Ganges. The place is known for its beauty and tranquility and serenity of the spirituality. This accommodation is blessed with great warmness and the comfort in the lap of the Himalayan nature which is very good for meditation and yoga Practice.
In Summary;
The school is located amidst the surroundings of the ashrams in the picturesque location of Himalayan hills on the bank of river Ganges
Conducive atmosphere for yoga teacher training program
Trainees will be accommodated in peaceful accommodations overlooking the beautiful view of the Himalayan nature a pleasant budget hotel
Exclusive single room provided with an attached bathroom having the facility of both hot and cold water.
Students will enjoy the spacious balcony of the room for the mountain view as well as for sit outs during the free time for the study and leisure.
The rooms are neat and clean with fine antiques, carpets and paintings with proper ventilation.
In built yoga studio within the residential block available for the personal yoga sadhana of students during their free time.
Healthy food cafeteria facilities for freshly prepared nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals
Learning Resources such as library, cyber cafe and free Wi-Fi internet connection
Highly qualified and experienced compassionate teaching staff.
Room Facilities

Ayurveda Massages and Therapy

Ayurveda massages and therapy sessions are available to the interested participants nearby the premises of yoga shala. The yoga teacher training curriculum of the course also explains the concepts of health in Ayurveda and its significance for positive health. The yoga school experts of Ayurveda will help the students to develop its utility in health promotion and prevention of various life style disorders with the help of basic principles of Ayurveda such as Tridosha, Saptadhatu, Trimala, Pancha Mahabhuta.

This study will help them to develop the integrated approach of Ayurveda and yoga as whole in relation to total health/well-being. The techniques and practices of Ayurveda are helpful to rejuvenate and recharge the energy of the practitioner.
Extra Curricular Activities
On Sundays Students will have the opportunity to explore the tourist attractions in and around the Rishikesh such as river rafting, mountain trekking and sightseeing to enjoy their holidays.
Moutain Tracking
Laxman Jhula
Ram Jhula
Around the world, Rishikesh is popularly known as one of the best destination for Yoga Teacher Training in India and Ojashvi Yoga Shala is committed to provide the best services and quality in residential hatha yoga teacher training courses to support and encourage the study and practice of yoga. To sum up we have the following yoga teacher training facilities features at Ojashvi Yoga Shala.



Activities *

  • Yoga Shala
  • Garden
  • Balcony
  • Nearby Cafe
  • Dining Area
  • Restaurant
  • Eco friendly Environment
  • Free RO Filtered Water
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Library
  • Internet Access
  • Money Exchange
  • Airport Transport Assistance
  • River Rafting
  • Sight Seen / Ashrams Visits
  • Mountain Trekking
  • Waterfalls
  • Ayurveda Sessions
  • Nature Walk

* Subjected to Seasonal Availability.

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