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Why Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh

Yoga in Rishikesh is most popular due to its conducive environment with abundant spiritual energy and scenic view of the river Ganges and the Himalayan Mountains. This has been a home for the sages and saints who spent their life time for the development of various world famous Yoga Traditions in India.

Hatha yoga is the most popular and well established traditional style of yoga in the world. Hatha yoga teacher training course curriculum provides the principles and practices of healthy living in India. Health is precious treasure of every individual looking at the harmony and happiness in life. The applications of Hatha Yoga style are known to play a significant role in the promotion of health and prevention of diseases. The purification of the mind for the process for higher practices of yoga such as meditation, it requires the purification of the body as a whole in healthy way. Hatha yoga, the science of purification plays very important role in achieving this objective as strong base of yoga practice. Hatha Yoga Training in Rishikesh is fundamental foundation for the development of every form of yoga.

Meaning of Hatha Yoga
The word "hatha" is composed of two letters 'ha' which represents 'pingala nadi' or sun principle physical body and 'tha' represents 'ida nadi' or moon principle or the mind, hence Hatha yoga is the science of mind and body balance. This balance is called as harmony in yoga.

Origin of Hatha Yoga
The hatha tradition is originated in India and we can trace the origins of hatha in tantra. Lord Shiva or Adhinatha is considered to be the founder of hatha yoga. The development of the hatha tradition took place in 6th century AD to 15th Century AD. During this period, the sages contributed important traditional texts on classical hatha yoga such as , hatha yoga pradeepika, gheranda samhita, goraksha shatak hatha ratnavali, etc. Historical aspect of hatha yoga can be traced back to the earlier than Buudhist Period as there are many reference in Upanishads about hatha yoga.

The Science of Hatha Yoga Training

Each individual is reservoir of two important forces of energy field called as mental energy and physical energy. If the flows of these energies are being affected due to any imbalances in the energy passages then it will be the cause for either mental sickness or physical suffering. The principles and techniques of hatha yoga are capable of harmonizing this energy field. The techniques of hatha yoga training practices are quite helpful to remove these blockages.

Importance of Hatha Yoga Training

Hatha yoga deals with the yogic practices for the purification of body and mind. This purification is the absolute balance of mind and body. The harmony is necessary for the prosperity in the life. Disciplines of hatha yoga teachings bring this harmony including the health and happiness.
These techniques of hatha yoga tradition are being used to develop the potentialities of the human resources through the synchronization of the mind and body through this balance. This is the union of the mind and body which is very important means to establish;
  • Absolute purification
  • The sound physical and mental Health
  • Perfect balance in the energy system of mind and body; Mental and physical energy
Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh
ABout Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh
Classical Curriculum of Hatha Yoga
Many sages, many opinions, says the proverb. The highest goal of Yoga is attained through the different paths called as the schools of yoga. But the sage Swami Swatmarama offered his teachings as blessing or saving grace to reach the highest aim of yoga through his teachings of the philosophy and practices of hatha yoga in his classical Curriculum of Yoga as "the light on hatha yoga"
This traditional text on hatha yoga focuses yoga as the science of right living and, as such, it is intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual to develop the balanced personality. For such personal development hath yoga describes the following techniques.
Shatkarmas – 6 cleansing techniques for purification of the mind and body
Asanas for disciplining the body. The aim of asanas is to achieve healthy body and stable mind
Pranayama – Control of prana/breath for the regulation of vital/pranic energy
Mudras – Psychic gestures for inducing mental attitudes
Bandhas – Energy locks
Hatha Yoga of Svatmarama is one of the outstanding hatha texts, which fully describes 15 Asanas, well known varieties of Pranayama, 10 Mudras and Bandhas. Hatha yoga contributes for wonderful psychosomatic health to the yoga practitioner.
The above teachings of hatha yoga are quite helpful as natural health care measures though preventive, promotive and curative aspects which will be used in balancing endocrinal and nervous control which increases mind and body control for achieving healthy and happy life of harmony. Hatha yoga is accessible to anyone from the point view beginners to all levels of practitioners.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training In India - Why?

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India is highly appreciated and recognized throughout the world due to the cost effective quality yoga training in the salubrious climate with the experience of the rich culture and traditions of India. These programs are carried under the competent guidance of the well qualified and experienced yoga teachers in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.
The practice and philosophy of hatha yoga in India is unique opportunity to develop the practice of yoga as comprehensive method of health and well being for the peace and prosperity of the mankind with a compassionate and more traditional approach for all.
200 hours yoga alliance certified residential hatha yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh is regularly conducted by registered yoga school Ojashvi Yoga Shala to foster these advantages of hatha yoga for the promotion of health and applications of yoga. This traditional yoga training is more comprehensive program focused on both classical teachings of fundamentals of Hatha tradition along with the best of the teaching methods of the present day.
Today, majority of yoga alliance registered yoga schools teach the tradition of hatha yoga. This is considered as the most accessible style of yoga for any level of practice, particularly for the beginners.
Hatha yoga teacher training of Ojashvi Yoga Shala will be the best opportunity to learn one of the most traditional styles of yoga being taught today and it will give a strong foundation in which the trainees can launch their career as registered yoga teachers with the confidence and recognition of Yoga Alliance USA.
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