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Why to Choose Ojashvi Yoga Shala for your teacher training Program?

Facilities / Resources
Perhaps Ojashvi Yoga Shala is one of the best schools in providing the best facilities for the students to make their training experience memorable as long-lasting memory of Rishikesh. The school has well ventilated inbuilt yoga hall in the residential building, internet cafe, cafeteria. Read More
The teacher training programs of Ojashvi Yoga Shala are backed by well qualified and well experienced team of professional yoga teachers. They have gained the insights of teaching through long term study and personal practice in yoga. Read More
Teaching Methodology
Ojashvi Yoga Shala teaching team incorporates teaching methods to bring the practical applications of yoga practices and principles through the study of the principles, practical and applications of each of the techniques of the curriculum.
Teaching Experience
Students will experience the designing of the class through the selection and sequencing of yogic practices and experience the teaching in the class room as teacher, which helps in developing the competency and confidence of a yoga teacher.
Evaluation and Evolution
School focuses and practices the continuous evaluation of the trainees so that they can evolve as yoga teachers with consistency, competency and confidence.
The teacher training program curriculum is the blend of traditional teachings of yoga including the needs of the contemporary time. Students will study about the foundations and history of the philosophy of yoga and yogic practices. The study on different schools of yoga including their principles and practices will be an opportunity for the students to inculcate a healthy lifestyle to develop the integrated personality with the values of compassion and love along with the discipline.
The practical training and experience of teaching through workshop, group discussion and seminars, presentations will help the trainees to acquire the proficiency in the practical aspects of the training.
Applied Yoga
Apart from training in the philosophy and practices, the curriculum helps to find the applications of the course so as to make use of the training by practicing and applying the same in the life as principles and practices of a healthy living through the preventive, curative and promotive aspects of yoga including its therapuetical applications.
Extracurricular Activities
Sundays will be the opportunity to explore the tourist attractions in and around Rishikesh such as river rafting, nature walking, and sight seeing of the local interest which helps to develop good bonding experience among the students.

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